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Monday, 21 April 2014

Agenda 21 and Prince Charles who is a 33rd degree Mason, is not for the whole of society


AGENDA 21 AND PRINCE CHARLES: Written August 13, 2004

By Joan Veon,

There is a lot more in Agenda 21 for planning than 
just the environment. 
It we click in the link ahnd read the article that I have just
 put on you will see  
what was not told at the Rio conference  on Climate summit. 
This has a social, 
Economic and Environmental sections ot it and they overlap 
so it will 
give a full control on all aspects of work. 

It is going to control our social life with 
alternative lifestyles such as
 gay Marriage, others such as who we can and who 
we can not mix with,
 which leads into the economic section of our lives 
and how we work, 
earn our money and what we can and can not do 
and least of all 
the environmental issues which dictate a whole host of nasties. 

It is important that all read this article so I am going
 to implant it in this  blog and this entry. 

I will speak on these issues as they come up as all three are as 
important as one another. 

It is going to take over the whole life of everyone

Where we go, who we can mix with, what social groups 
are part of the Norm 
and what groups are outlawed - it will choose who can and 
who can not gather 
 who is designated terrorist, and who is designated a great 
group to mix with. 

There will be groups that are legal, groups made criminal 
(like Biker groups are a start in Queensland) 
 groups not tolerated who speak against the governing policies of environmental sustainability. 

Note I will talk on this in depth in other blog entries

Economic control of our lives

this is to control our lives with what we
 do for our expenses, 
what we can and what we can not purchase 
Where we can work and the leaders of
 agenda 21 decided  
where you fit in, Individual choice is taken away
 from you and 
it comes as a Marxist, Moaist system where all aspects of out
 lives are controlled. 

Those in charge of agenda 21 will decide 
what is good for the 
environment and what is no good, All you are is a 
robot who does 
what you are told, There is no individual 
choice and all 
individuality is taken from you and 
combined into a 
socialist style system which they use to 
run under the
 old Communist/Marxist system of living. 

Environmental issues are controlled 
by Agenda 21

Another huge area of control by Agenda 21, these issues are 
on what is envrionmentaly sustainable and what is not - all 
non sustainable products will be taken off the market and you
 will loose your choice of living in the ways that you have since you
were born. 

No one is going to own their own property, it will all be community 
owned, much like in the Marxist system of Post world war 2, you 
will not have a say on what brand you like or what product, if this
brand or product is classified against the environment you will 
not be able to get it as it will be taken off the shelves of the stores, 
this goes the same in all areas and you have no personal choice, 
it is all dictated by those who are at the leadership areas 
of the state 
and you come under their decision.

Personal choice will be taken from you and it will be a c
ommunity choice dictated by those in the ruling class. 

To finish this off, we are going into a 
totalitarian system

 where everything is controlled for you as
 shown in the

 diagram in the link of this post.

I will talk more on this as time goes on. 

is extremely important for all in the 
world to read

Published by John Christopher Sunol 16.50 on Monday 21st April 2014
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