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Friday, 5 September 2014

Material I was asked to publish for a Luke McKee : I am putting this online for all to read as it has some relevance to what is going on at the present moment

with the last video on these top links, If the Gay and Lesbian Lobby want to end exemptions form the churches: there will be a fight, a big big fight as this is taking away our right to reject homosexuality as sin - as in our beliefs and this we must fight to the very end and even be willing to go to prison for as God is with us to fight this evil

My father is being prosecuted by a militant gay pedophile rights activist for speaking out against an incident of gay men & Marriage Equality activists (US/AU) Mark Newton and Peter Truong raping a baby since 2 weeks old. You can read his original comment on too that he's liable for!

This incident alone made Russia's "anti-gay" laws - but if you talk about it in Australia you will have gay activists calling up saying "I will take your house" after being leaked your private address by corrupt GLLO NSW Gay Police who wear the Waffen SS designed holocaust death camp logo with pride..
My father is not alone., Tess Corbett, John Sunol and John Laws have all been hit for vilifying homosexuals for trying to preserve the traditional model of the family. 15 years ago "gay dads incestual rape" didn't even exist. Why is it a crime to wish for better days before Gay Adoption / Surrogacy laws came into effect put in by (see their about us history page)

Gary Burns worked as a staffer for Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney. She sponsored the bill the homosexual vilification amendment to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977, in 1993. Only Gary Burns pretty much (85% all cases) has used the law. The Anti-Discrimination board of NSW is his private army pushing a militant homosexual agenda. In one of their Newsletters they urge school kids to go against orders of their school principals to wear their school uniforms in Sydney's Gay Mardi Gras Parade to march half-naked men. We have the evidence and it will be exposed forthwith!

Please share this to everyone you know to help my father and read his submission and formal complaint.
More info:

RE Russia,the Anti-Gay laws and Gary Burns

Kind Regards,

Luke McKee

this is not my material, It is material from a Luke McKee that I received and he asked for me to share for him. 

I am putting this on my blog and suggest to read through it, click on the links and make your own mind up - I am the carrier and promoter, not the author of this material

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