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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Zgeek and John Sunol - these clowns are back at it again THE FLAME WAR IS BACK ON !!!

These people are only idiots and fools, they think it is funny to take me on again 


I promise all on zgeek that if they want war, then it is on and on again. 

I will not give into a bunch of defaming fools like there are on this site

This message is for you and all your clowns

Flame war is on AND not off again you and your leader pirate
My real trust is Metrom Pty Ltd and the real John Sunol trust is being held by this shelf company - that is who my own houses is under so no one can force a sale to pay debts to that trouble maker who won money to me by setting me up telling lies and framing me

Listen Buster, you get nothing so go to Hell I am not going to sell my home for a thief like you

I will say no more

Facebook Friends = 65
Google + = 42/70,062 


No entry on any of these blogs of mine vilify, defame or vilify any groups of people of persons. It is all for the education of the readers of my blog(s)

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